Month: August 2016

Valve teams up with George R. R. Martin to write Half-Life 3

Gabe Newell, President and CEO of Valve, announced on Monday that George R. R. Martin would be writing the story and script to the highly anticipated sequel Half-Life 3. When asked for a release date, Newell stated that Martin would begin on the script as soon as he was finished with The Winds of Winter, the next book in the Game of Thrones series A Song of Fire and Ice.

Square-Enix admits they have no idea what they’re doing with Final Fantasy

In a press briefing on Monday, Square-Enix admitted that they simply have no idea what they’re doing with Final Fantasy or why people used to love the game. A representative told GameplayX: We’re sitting on probably the single most-valuable IP in video game history and we honestly have no idea what we’re doing with it. People seemed to love Final Fantasy back in the day, but we h...[Read More]

CAPCOM Says They Hate Money

CAPCOM, creators of timeless classics such as MegaMan, Street Fighter and Resident Evil, today admitted that they simply don’t like money. When asked what they mean, a representative told GameplayX: Why else do you think we have just let Megaman rot in an early grave? A next-gen Monster Hunter game would literally print money for us, but we just don’t want to. We’d rather just ke...[Read More]

No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray crying into pile of money

Insider reports from the UK suggest that No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray has spent the last week crying into a pile of money, following reports that nearly 90% of the players have stopped playing. When asked what he thought of the critical reception and disappointment with the game, Sean replied: “I can’t believe so many dollar bills are in the same place on the first day. Amazi...[Read More]

Indie Studio Shits Out Another Revolutionary Pixel Art Game–Early Access on Steam Now

Some Indie studio you’ve never heard of just announced that it has released a mostly-playable alpha version of their upcoming game. The game features pixel art and inspired gameplay from games like Dark Souls, Zelda, and Minecraft.

Hideo Kojima forcibly removed from Dallas GameStop for literally writing his name on everything

Legendary videogame creator of Metal Gear Solid fame, Hideo Kojima, was removed by authorities from a Dallas GameStop on Wednesday after allegedly writing his name on everything in the store. Armed with a black Sharpie, Kojima wrote “A Hideo Kojima Game” on everything from video games to employee foreheads. Terrified, one employee hid in the stockroom and dialed 911. Kojima was heard m...[Read More]

Konami Literally Spits on Hideo Kojima and Fans with Metal Gear Survive

Konami today announced the latest entry in the beloved Metal Gear series titled “Metal Gear Survive.” The game will feature zombies, co-op, and a lot of other things that literally no one wanted. When asked if we could just let Metal Gear Solid die with decency, Konami replied, “lol fuck you.” “lol fuck you.” -Konami

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