Square-Enix admits they have no idea what they’re doing with Final Fantasy

Square-Enix admits they have no idea what they’re doing with Final Fantasy

In a press briefing on Monday, Square-Enix admitted that they simply have no idea what they’re doing with Final Fantasy or why people used to love the game. A representative told GameplayX:

We’re sitting on probably the single most-valuable IP in video game history and we honestly have no idea what we’re doing with it. People seemed to love Final Fantasy back in the day, but we have no idea why or how to recapture that magic. We thought maybe releasing a bunch of mediocre sequels to our most tepidly received game would spark interest again, but for some reason that didn’t work.

People really adore those old turn-based Final Fantasy games, so we keep trying to put out new stuff with completely different gameplay and it just doesn’t seem to be working. We can’t figure out what’s wrong with the fans.

Final Fantasy XV is due out in the year 2021 to celebrate its 15 year development anniversary.

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