metal gear solid

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review

A Hideo Kojima game, Metal Gear Solid V is the fifth official entry in the game series Metal Gear Solid created and directed by Hideo Kojima. This game was made by Hideo Kojima, and Hideo Kojima’s touch really shines through in every scene. Hideo Kojima puts a lot of love and thought into Hideo Kojima games, and you’ll find plenty of that here. This Hideo Kojima game is different than ...[Read More]

Hideo Kojima forcibly removed from Dallas GameStop for literally writing his name on everything

Legendary videogame creator of Metal Gear Solid fame, Hideo Kojima, was removed by authorities from a Dallas GameStop on Wednesday after allegedly writing his name on everything in the store. Armed with a black Sharpie, Kojima wrote “A Hideo Kojima Game” on everything from video games to employee foreheads. Terrified, one employee hid in the stockroom and dialed 911. Kojima was heard m...[Read More]

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