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Square-Enix Announces New Final Fantasy XIII Sequel, Cancels XVI

Square-Enix announced Friday that they would be adding a fourth game to the Final Fantasy XIII canon while simultaneously cancelling any plans for a Final Fantasy XVI. After the tumultuous development cycle of Final Fantasy XV (2016) spanning over 10 years, Square-Enix has reportedly given up on making new, original games. Instead, a representative has told GameplayX that they will focus attention...[Read More]

Square-Enix admits they have no idea what they’re doing with Final Fantasy

In a press briefing on Monday, Square-Enix admitted that they simply have no idea what they’re doing with Final Fantasy or why people used to love the game. A representative told GameplayX: We’re sitting on probably the single most-valuable IP in video game history and we honestly have no idea what we’re doing with it. People seemed to love Final Fantasy back in the day, but we h...[Read More]

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