Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Adopts Paid Monthly Subscription

Destiny 2 Adopts Paid Monthly Subscription

Bungie CEO Pete Parsons today elaborated on their plan to switch Destiny 2 from the traditional free multiplayer set up of the previous title to a monthly subscription model. Possibly related, Parsons was spotted by keen-eyed gamers today at PAX West, surrounded by scantily clad elven cosplay women.

GameplayX spoke with Blizzard CEO Michael Morhaime, who stated, “We know you’re going to play it no matter what, this way, we take your money to keep our lights on [and our cosplay elf girls happy].” He continued with, “The game is going to be exciting for the first few months, but that will come to a screeching halt as we choke and throttle content [as well as the elf girls].”

Morhaime added, “Look, everyone knows we were full of shit about Destiny being a 10 year game, so the only people buying Destiny 2 are too dumb to care about anyway. They won’t even notice their card getting charged every month, and everyone will be happy.”


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