Call of Duty: World War II Review


call of duty WWII is the shit bro lmaooooooo fuck yea

i was playing a match teh other night and some idiot came down the corrdor and i fragged his bitch punk ass lmao fuckaaaaaaa gtfo!!!!

his fuckn face lmaoooooo

late review cuz i wasn’t able to get it on release date cuz my mom n dad are punk bitchs but they got it for me 4 black friday cuz best buy had a sick deals lmao!!! this game got every thing so much better than battlefield for punk dumb bitches, graphics r sick only complaint is I’m always the only 1 with a headset on n everyone else mutes me cuz their punk dumb bitches lmaoooooooo!!!

buy this game its worth it i give it all the points n fuck battlefield lmaooooooooooooooooooo


  • sick af graphics
  • not battlefield lmaooooo
  • 360 no scope bitchesssssss lmaooooo


  • my dad drinks


That kid from XBOX Live.

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