Far Cry 5 Review


I was initially excited about Far Cry 5 because, judging from the promotional materials released prior to the game, I was under the mistaken impression that I would be able to become a far-right cult leader and take the fight to the liberals and globalists destroying this beautiful country.

Sadly, I was wrong.

Far Cry 5 is liberal propaganda, casting the player as a Hillary-backed, deep state government operative sent to destroy the first amendment rights of a constitution-abiding church group in rural America. The game, clearly developed by liberals, assumes that the player is okay with murdering good, Christian, Trump supporters and gives the player zero first amendment options to see the world from the other point of view. Nowhere in the game does it ask the player to take a tiki-torch and protest the liberal menace while shouting catchy slogans like “JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE US,” and instead casts the alt-right as a satirical joke.

I trust these fine Americans more than I trust the Obama administration.

Is Joseph Seed really a bad guy? Like our great President Trump, he seems like an upstanding American. Sure, he has had his followers murder dissenters indiscriminately, but I’ll follow a good Christian with a gun over a deep state liberal shill any day of the week. I didn’t get very far in the game, because I found myself identifying with the cult leaders and followers more and more. It got to a sad point where whenever the game got past the loading screen, I would walk up one of the AI enemy cult members and say to them “take me.”

They would kill me, and honestly I thought it watching the death screen at the hands of one of my white, rural brothers was a better game than spreading globalist, left-wing propaganda like the story wants you to.

Make America Great Again, don’t buy into the liberal lies of this game.


  • Graphics are great
  • Lots of guns
  • Beautiful depiction of god-loving rural America
  • MAGA


  • Hillary Clinton
  • Barack Hussein Obama
  • George Soros


Andy is an avid video game player, loves tacos and carries a lot of regret.

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