Final Fantasy XV Review


The sad story of a gay teen and his drug-induced fantasy

Final Fantasy XV is the long-awaited journey into a young gay man’s drug-induced fantasy moments after he overdoses on vicodin in his mother’s basement in a desperate attempt to escape his overtly religious and unnaccepting community.

This sad backdrop is ever present in the player’s mind while controlling Noct and his three flamboyantly gay partners.

Noct and his three imaginary lovers

Set in the drug-addled fantasy land of Eos, Noct embarks on a series of metaphorical events as we delve deeper into his psyche in the final moments of his life. Throughout his journey, Noct finds himself spending days and months hanging out, camping and overall having a gay old time.

Each of the three companion characters is revealed to represent a different failed relationship of Noct’s past.

Prompto, whom Noct experimented with in high school, is the weakest of the party and frequently dies during encounters with monsters and villains. As with all things in the game, this too is a metaphor, as it’s revealed that Prompto was sadly murdered by other students once word of his sexuality got out.

Seeking comfort, Noct turned to Mr. Ignis, his biology teacher of his junior year. Their relationship was intense, but short lived. Ignis ended the relationship against Noct’s will, fearing the loss of his job or even time in prison. It was shortly after this that Noct met Gladiolus.

Gladiolus was a jock, handsome and, as far as anyone else knew… Straight.

Noct didn’t think anything of Gladiolus’ advances at first, thinking it was just playful jock banter–though Noct definitely thought he was attractive. One night, at Kim’s party, Gladiolus and Noct ended up in a room alone together, a little inebriated…

Noct didn’t want to make a move, but he didn’t have to. Gladiolus and Noct made love that night, falling asleep in each other’s arms and fully nude.

Gladiolus and Noct in conflict

It’s revealed in the story, through obviously sexual metaphors involving magical swords, that Gladiolus vehemently denied any such events. Noct felt betrayed, he maybe even loved Gladiolus. His rough beard, masculine hands, even the scar on his face wouldn’t leave Noct’s head.

It was this loss, this betrayal, that inspired Noct to begin writing about the fantasy world of Eos.

Ultimately the sad tale ends in Noct’s death, and serves as a stark reminder of the struggles still faced by the gay community to this day.


  • Beautiful story
  • World's first LGBT RPG
  • Cool battle system
  • Great graphics


  • Sad story
  • The LGBT community still has a long way to go


Andy is an avid video game player, loves tacos and carries a lot of regret.

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