Ghost of Tsushima Review


Ghost of Tsushima is a profound exploration of childhood sexual trauma through the fantasy setting of the feudal Japanese samurai.

Jin and his abusive uncle

While on the surface, Ghost of Tsushima seems to be just another hack-and-slash Japanese fantasy game, it houses an epic and sad tale of a man seeking peace from the demons within. Through a series of flashbacks, we learn that Jin, our protagonist, has had an abusive upbringing with his uncle Shimura. This sends Jin on a lifelong quest to come to peace with his inner turmoil and his traumatic upbringing.

Throughout the game itself, you’ll be tasked with stripping yourself completely nude to reflect on your uncle. While not explicitly shown, there’s also subtext to suggest that Jin faced abuse from his father as well.

The somber tale of Jin is wrought with adventure and poetic reflection, utilizing violence and even haiku writing as a poetic means of exploring childhood trauma.

Overall, a very brave take on an otherwise tired open-world genre, and a great send-off for the PlayStation 4 generation.


  • Brilliant use of setting to talk about abuse
  • Sad, but enlightening


  • Wish we could see full frontal of Jin


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